Collection: Pocket and collector's knives

Our Selection of pocket knives that you just have to slip into your pocket, your bag or your car, this pocket knife will allow you to get out of many dangerous and delicate situations. a real plus for adventurers, travelers, and lovers of hiking and picnics in the park. A selection of major French brands which ensures the quality of the materials of our knives and will delight knife collectors.

Our knives are entirely made in France between Thiers, the capital of cutlery for 6 centuries.
We rely on strong traditions in manufacturing and artistic matters, combining innovation and technology.

The stainless steel blades: of French origin are then forged or laser cut, quenched then ground and polished in Thiers.  

We use various materials for the handles of our knives, favoring French suppliers.

The woods used for the handles of European folding knives most of the time (boxwood, olive, juniper, etc.).