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Elegant olive wood baguette bowl

Elegant olive wood baguette bowl

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Offre de bienvenue 🎁🤗

Discover our olive wood baguette bowl, a versatile and eco-friendly table accessory that will attract all eyes.

Made naturally from olive wood, this bowl is much more than just a receptacle for baguettes and bread.

It offers a versatile solution for serving a variety of delicious dips

Whether it's crunchy vegetables, succulent fruits or tasty snacks.

The dimensions of this olive wood baguette bowl are designed to meet your needs, measuring:

  1. approximately 30 cm in length
  2. 10 cm wide, providing ideal capacity for your favorite dishes.

Despite its generous size, this olive bowl weighs only 800g, making it easy to handle and serve.

The choice of olive wood as a material not only guarantees durability, but also a rustic and warm aesthetic.

Its unique grain and natural finish add a touch of elegance to your table.

Discover how our baguette bowl can transform your dining experience by providing the perfect balance of functionality and aesthetics.

Opt for this versatile bowl to enhance your meals and bring a touch of authenticity to your table."

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