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Lemon squeezer Very elegant and trendy in olive wood

Lemon squeezer Very elegant and trendy in olive wood

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Offre de bienvenue 🎁🤗

Discover our olive wood lemon squeezer, an ingenious tool that will simplify your life in the kitchen.

Whether you're making a refreshing glass of lemonade or need lemon juice for your recipes.

This olive wood lemon squeezer is the ideal accessory for extracting the juice from lemons in no time at all.

Olive wood, known for its robustness and resistance, is the perfect choice for this kitchen utensil.

Thanks to its natural finish and unique grain, our lemon squeezer adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen while being environmentally friendly.

This lemon squeezer is disconcertingly simple to use and so practical.

Separate the lemons, then squeeze the juice with ease, then rinse the press under running water to clean it in the blink of an eye.

  • The compact dimensions of this utensil, with a length of approximately 15 cm, make it a practical addition to your kitchen.
  • Despite its robustness, it weighs only 50g, which makes it easy to handle.

Opt for this olive wood nugget for a simpler cooking experience

more elegant, and more environmentally friendly.

Discover our Du Bois d’Olivier selection and add this essential accessory to your kitchen today.

Get more freshness and flavor with our olive wood lemon squeezer."

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