About Us

ALLWENEEDIS: passion and know-how at your service


The history of our company is rich in the enthusiasm of its creator and traditional French know-how: an explosive mixture 😉 which combines the values ​​of work and those of ambition. At ALLWENEEDIS: we give you everything!


Imène, motivated and motivating entrepreneur


ALLWENEEDIS is a 100% French brand, born in Paris in 2021. Imène, its creator, is a young mother and a committed business leader. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, she has her feet on the ground and a head full of ideas! But it is also firmly anchored in economic reality and the promotion of a French heritage of which it is proud to be the heir. For Imène, business acumen is a family tradition and entrepreneurship a deep vocation.


A young mother with a Master's degree in law and political science, Imène began her career in commerce, in the most beautiful neighborhoods of Paris. French know-how, already… She has thus developed her expertise and acquired solid professional experience. She also worked at a local start-up. Then finally, it clicked: Imène discovered the traditional products of our country and fell in love with them. An unforgettable encounter, which she immediately transformed into a business project. ALLWENEEDIS was born! An adventure that has only just begun, and the rest of which will be written with you.


Home, kitchen, decoration: ecological and sustainable products


Far from kit products from Sweden or China, Imène values ​​short circuits, local products, handmade products. Because to feel good at home, isn't it important to choose utensils that reflect your values? Respectful of the environment and our planet, Imène favors sustainable, economical but also ecological materials. For her, taking care of the environment is not an option: it is a daily reality and a civic commitment that she fully supports.


At ALLWENEEDIS, we bring to life or revive French local products. For example, our knives are made in an artisanal way, with different types of wood such as olive tree. They are produced in Thiers, in Savoie, in Nogent… All our craftsmen are experienced and recognized. They create premium quality utensils only for you, 100% made in France. They also supply the biggest French brands, such as Laguiole, Thiers or La Fourmi.


Ancestral French know-how put in the spotlight


Imène met many artisans, among the oldest and most prestigious, in France but also around the world. His goal ? Offer you a wide range of quality and traditional products. Thus, you have the guarantee of having an object selected with love and rigor by an expert in the profession.


Today, ALLWENEEDIS has a high quality catalog. We work with more than ten 100% French artisans and fifteen artisans from around the world, which guarantees you virtuous and superior quality production. Because our brand is proud to be French, we promote the know-how of French artisans.


Made in France and Parisian par excellence: welcome to ALLWENEEDIS


Imène is committed with passion and determination to safeguarding and promoting French artisanal know-how. His recipe, to offer the best to your kitchen and your home, is a subtle blend of passion, meticulousness, high standards and freshness! Because this young entrepreneur lives with the times. Environmental and societal issues are close to her heart, and it is in a company faithful to its values ​​that she now welcomes you.


A young woman of today passionate about yesterday's products: Imène is very happy to present her little world to you here. Do you have questions about certain products? Do you want to add a little creativity and tradition to your interior? So don’t hesitate to contact Imène to find out more!