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LAGUIOLE pocket knife "The Shepherd's Cross" in Ebony wood

LAGUIOLE pocket knife "The Shepherd's Cross" in Ebony wood

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Pocket knife from the LAGUIOLE brand Collection The Shepherd's Cross, artisanal knife, made in France, its blade in 12C27 stainless steel, internal polished forged bee and spring, rolled plates, ebony handle, an African wood called the Sick wood which takes on this color when it dies, it is a 3-piece knife of 12cm with corkscrew and punch, 2 meters of stainless steel.

2 year warranty, spare part available, possibility of personalizing it Lead time 3 weeks.

Made in France

History of the Laguiole brand: It was in 1829, in the small mountain village of Laguiole, located in the southwest of France, that a humble peasant's knife was created. The famous bee, emblem of prestige and quality, which decorates its spring, will contribute to making this knife the most renowned in France
It is called “the shepherd’s cross”.
It recently appeared on current Laguiole knives: we place it at the end of the 19th century. The vast basalt plateau of Aubrac on which Laguiole is located experiences the transhumance of cattle every May and October on Saint Géraud's Day
In the region, which is very steeped in the Catholic religion, the transhumant shepherds stuck the blade of their knife into the bread: the cross served as an “oratory” for prayer (it is said to be the shepherds' chapel).

For this reason, this decoration is only found on one side of the handle.

Our old Laguiole knives are most often decorated with this cross. But other designs adorned the handle at the customer's request.

What insect is represented on the spring?

This is the symbol of the Laguiole knife.
Our local legend says that this is the imperial seal of Napoleon I offered to the town of Laguiole as a sign of recognition for the bravery in combat of the men from our village.
In cutlery language, the fly represents the metallic growth located at the end of the spring. On our famous Laguiole knife, the excrescence in technical terms is a fly.

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