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OPINEL N 10 Tapered Ebony pocket knife Made In France

OPINEL N 10 Tapered Ebony pocket knife Made In France

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THE Opinel Ebony Tapered Box is a collector's knife presented in its case. The slender profile of the tapered knife is enhanced by the use of deep black ebony wood.

  • 10cm tapered stainless steel blade : exceptional stainless steel blade at the same time fine , flexible And sharp ;ideal for a precise cutting , making thin slices, preparing fish...
  • Poliice Blade : double polishing allows you to obtain a mirror effect.
  • Sleeve of character with the intense black ebony from Africa. It is a rare and luxurious wood, of beautiful density, deep black, traditionally used in artistic cabinetmaking and marquetry. To polish it and give it a velvety touch, the ebony handle is buffed with a specific wax applied to a cotton pad.
  • Sandvik stainless steel blade : renowned for its sharp and his ease of maintenance . It is a steel with a carbon content at least equal to 0.4% which makes it possible to obtain a very satisfactory cutting edge. without being susceptible to corrosion .
  • Virobloc double security system : invented by Marcel Opinel in 1955, this stainless steel safety ring allows you to lock the blade in the open position ( safety of use ) but also in the closed position ( safety of transport ).
  • Box in rigid midnight blue cardboard for store and protect knives.
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