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Set of 6 olive wood raclette spatulas

Set of 6 olive wood raclette spatulas

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Offre de bienvenue 🎁🤗

Discover our high quality olive wood raclette spatulas, designed to preserve your small coated pans from your raclette grill while adding a touch of elegance to your culinary experience.

Made from olive wood, these spatulas combine durability and aesthetics for optimal use.

Olive wood, in addition to offering a rustic and warm aesthetic, is also extremely heat resistant,

Making it the ideal material for handling your hot pans without risking damage to the non-stick coating.

Heat will not alter the quality of these olive wood spatulas.

We offer two sizes to suit your needs:

  1. Set of 6 spatulas of 14 cm
  2. Set of 6 spatulas of 17 cm.

Despite their robustness, these olive wood spatulas are incredibly light, weighing around 50g, making them easy to handle.

Opt for olive wood raclette spatulas to preserve your pans and guarantee an unforgettable raclette experience.

Discover our Du Bois d’olivier selection and add a touch of authenticity to your next meal.

Order today and treat yourself to quality and durability."

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